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Splitting water to make cement could clean up a dirty industry

Action on climate change has been focused on the electrical grid and our transportation systems, but there are other hurdles between here and a zero-greenhouse-gas-emissions world. Agriculture and deforestation are major hurdles, but so is cement. Producing this humble, gray, ubiquitous building material actually accounts for about 8% of global …

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7 things to know about the augmented reality landscape

The Venture Reality Fund has been investing in augmented reality and virtual reality games and applications for a while, and the time has come for another quarterly update. We’ve captured the news in seven bites, as provided by fund cofounder Tipatat Chenavasin. 1. AR is growing The Venture Reality Fund …

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Facebook’s Portal TV lets you watch shows during video calls

The Portal team at Facebook is today introducing its latest generation of devices for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger video calls, augmented reality experiences, and Amazon Alexa interactions with the debut of Portal TV, the 8-inch Portal Mini smart display, and the 10-inch redesigned Portal smart display. With Portal TV, you …

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Aquaculture may be the future of seafood, but its past is ancient

By Paul Hermans – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10766212 Fish farms play an important role in supplying the modern world’s massive demand for seafood—about half the fish we eat today comes from fish farms rather than being caught in the wild. Aquaculture helps lighten the burden on wild fish …

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NBC Peacock is Comcast’s dive into the crazy streaming-video fray

Enlarge / An artist’s approximation of what today’s newly announced Saved by the Bell reboot might look like, since it will include at least some original series actors. Aurich Lawson / Getty The streaming fragmentation war continues apace, and today’s new contender comes from Comcast—specifically, its NBCUniversal subsidiary, which finally …

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